Celebrating Culture, Empowering Community.

Get Involved



Spread the Word. Be an advocate for CRAFT by sharing information about the organization, events, and initiatives on social media and within your network.



Volunteer. Join a committee. Offer your time and skills to help organize and execute events, or get involved in specific committees focused on areas such as event planning, marketing, or community outreach.



Contribute financially to support our initiatives, ensuring the continuation of cultural events, beautification projects, and community development.

Making a Difference

“I had the MOST wonderful time at @cidblockparty. …the event was so successful at constructing a community led, safe/comfortable environment that, in essence, told me: ‘Be me.‘”


“[CIDBP] was so fabulous! 🙂 It really was a dream come true to see people engaging with the history right at the site — and countering it with joy and music and community. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“Free events such as the @cidblockparty breathe new life into Seattle neighborhoods that have suffered neglect during the pandemic. To enhance our city, we must support local businesses by dining and shopping within our community.”


Let’s craft a future where creativity knows no bounds, and communities thrive through the power of the arts.